80% of women are unaware of their actual bra size

August 3rd, 2019

With around 175 bra sizes in the world starting from 22 to 50 in band size and AA to M in cup size, it is a rather difficult task finding your perfect match.

This is where you need help from a professional bra fit expert. Here are a few tips to remember while you’re out shopping for innerwear.

Mind the band size

Ever noticed how all your bras have 3 hooks and eyes at the back? Here’s why. It’s said that a woman’s weight fluctuates by 10% every month, which happens as a result of pregnancy, nursing, exercise, dietary changes,hormones, menopause, puberty and weight gain. So while trying on a bra, it should fit best in the middle hook;such that it can still be used when you add on or lose weight. Also it should fit snugly around. You ought to be able to fit one fingers under the band comfortably.

Bag the right cup size

Everyone comes in different body shapes and sizes. And so it’s important to keep in mind that a wrong cup size can change your body shape forever. Watch out for those bulges! You don’t want to be spilling out of the cup -not from the top, bottom or sides. If the band feels fine, then go up a cup size.

Straps leaving marks? Danger alert!

The straps play a major role in helping you look good as they lift your breasts and help the cup hold it in place.However, strap marks are a sign of wearing a bra that is too tight and after a point those marks might become permanent. Adjust your straps before trying on a bra.

Wear the right over wear while lingerie shopping

Although you’re shopping for something that goes under your garments, make sure you have the correct top on before you hit the store. Wearing a fitted shirt when trying on bras can show you the different shape effects bras can provide.

Important tips to note

Try on different styles of brassiere. Every style fits, falls and fills uniquely and can contour your breast differently. If your bra fits correctly, it should NOT be painful or uncomfortable to wear.